“Children who are legally too young to give consent to treatment must still be treated as individuals whose rights as members of society are not solely dependent on the legal definition of the day. Every child shall be protected from unnecessary medical treatment.”
J.P. Shield and Baum J.D., British Medical Journal

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What are the legal issues surrounding circumcision?

What can be done legally to protect children from non-therapeutic genital cutting?

What are the barriers to effective use of the law against non-therapeutic genital cutting of children?

What are the legal implications of performing non-therapeutic genital cutting of children?

What legal options exist for men affected by circumcision?


The practice of circumcision stands uneasily at the intersection between medicine, culture, and the law. We here provide links, articles, and videos to explore the legal issues associated with non-therapeutic genital cutting of children.

For more information for medical professionals and students, see our page on Conscientious Objection.

For more on human rights law, see our page on Circumcision and Human Rights.

Legal links and resources

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. www.arclaw.org

Circumcision: your legal rights. A pamphlet from Attorneys for the Rights of the Child.

Legal articles

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Published July 2016