Find a Foreskin-friendly Doctor

What is a “foreskin-friendly” doctor? And why do you need one?

A “foreskin-friendly” doctor is knowledgeable about the development and care of the natural, intact penis, as described on this website, and appreciates the value of the foreskin.

Here are some things you might ideally find with foreskin-friendly doctors:

  • They respect the natural developmental process of the foreskin, and its variability. They know not to hurry the process nor worry about normal variations like ballooning, smegma , etc.
  • They know that the average age for full retractability of the foreskin is about age 10, and that it is completely normal for some boys not to be retractable until after puberty.
  • They know that forcible retraction of the foreskin is harmful, and that it is not necessary for cleaning, examination, or catheterization.
  • They know that foreskin care in the young child is very simple: “Only clean what is seen” and “Leave it alone!”
  • Should foreskin or urinary tract problems occur, they use non-invasive treatments, make every effort to preserve and protect genital wholeness, and know that circumcision of children is rarely, if ever, needed.

These days, happily, more and more boys are growing up with their genitals intact. Unfortunately, however, many U.S. physicians are not familiar with the natural, whole penis, and may not be adequately trained about caring for an intact boy. This can lead to incorrect advice or inappropriate care that can actually harm your son.

One of the most serious harms that can occur when a health professional is not foreskin-knowledgeable – and one that happens all too commonly – is premature, forcible foreskin retraction (PFFR). Assuring that your son’s doctor is foreskin-friendly is an important step you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to your son. For more information on preventing PFFR, see our FAQ page.

D.O.C. encourages you, as parents, to read up on intact care, retraction, and circumcision. The more you know, the better an advocate you can be for your son – and you may even end up being able to educate your healthcare providers! With all providers – whether reputed to be foreskin-friendly or not – it is important to have a discussion beforehand (that is, while your child is still clothed) to insure they know you do not want your son forcibly retracted. Do not be shy to protect your precious boy!

Find a “foreskin-friendly” physician

To find a foreskin-friendly doctor, please see the list found at Your Whole Baby.

Please note: This list has been compiled mainly from recommendations by parents of intact boys, but listed practitioners have not been formally screened. We link to this list for your convenience, but cannot guarantee the knowledge or practices of physicians on this list. Be aware that some physicians on this list may provide circumcision services. Always ask questions and request no forcible retraction before receiving care from a new physician.

Published February 2016