For intact men and boys

Doctors Opposing Circumcision wants you to know that it’s GOOD to have a foreskin! Every male is born with one, and the vast majority of the world’s men grow up with their genitals intact. The foreskin is a normal, protective, and pleasurable part of the body, and intact men never have to experience the harms that infant circumcision can cause. In cultures that commonly circumcise, like the United States, an intact male may sometimes feel like the “odd man out,” or hear things that may make them feel bad about being whole. Just remember, you are the lucky ones! These articles and resources will make you feel proud to be intact!

  • Good news for intact men. There are so many reasons to be thankful you’re whole!
  • Something they haven’t. By Hugh Young, New Zealand. A positive and supportive pamphlet for intact teens.
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow! By Lynda Madaras, 2008. Book on puberty for younger boys includes good information on foreskin anatomy, development, and care, but little on function. Uses pictures of intact penis for standard anatomical explanations.
  • What Happened? By Kathleen Legler, 2010. A foreskin-positive illustrated guide for children, covering foreskin development, care, and function. Explains circumcision and sensitivity to genital differences in a truthful and child-friendly way.

For circumcised men considering not circumcising a son

Sometimes a circumcised man preparing to become a father of a baby boy may find it challenging to consider not having him circumcised. Remember your first job as a father is to protect your son. You don’t have to “match”! Many circumcised dads are raising intact sons without any problem on either side. These articles will inform and support you to feel comfortable with keeping your son whole.

For men distressed by having been circumcised

Learning the facts about circumcision and what has been lost can unleash a lot of difficult feelings for men who were circumcised in childhood. Know that you are not alone, and that there is support out there. The following resources may be helpful to men who are seeking support in coping with their feelings about circumcision.

For men considering foreskin restoration

For those men who feel drawn to do something to try to reclaim their lost foreskin, Doctors Opposing Circumcision heartily recommends non-surgical foreskin restoration. Restoration has many benefits in terms of physical comfort, sexual sensitivity, and emotional empowerment. The Internet is full of information on foreskin restoration. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Published July 2016, last updated December 2016.